I love New York. Many things about my neighborhood are amazing and wonderful.  But I've primarily been working, commuting, and taking care of family members. I haven't spent nearly enough time enjoying this town. That will have to wait though, because I'm about to retire after forty years of work--and I want a year off for good behavior. I plan to buy a used RV and go on the road, full-time for a year or so.  There are things about apartment-dwelling urban life that absolutely grate on my nerves. I'm tired of how NYC smells! I want to wake up with sunlight and sky and broad beautiful views, and clean air that seven million other people haven't breathed up already. The question is, how do I transition from work to retirement? From living in a four-story walk-up, to living and traveling in a recreational vehicle? How do I learn to "speak RV"? This blog is a record of these transitions.