Dinan, Brittany

On our way from Brussels to Brittany, we stopped for the night in this lovely, walled  medieval town. Amazingly, they've managed to keep the wall intact after all these years.

Very well fortified--for the Middle Ages

The Wall

This was just a one-night stopover, but we walked around and spoke to the inhabitants who were all helpful and interesting. The young woman who ran the guest house, was smart, kind, and happy to discuss the history of the town, world politics, and everything else in between. We enjoyed her company very much over an excellent breakfast. 


Our guesthouse was called The Bulwark of Jerzual. The town was extremely hilly. I don't think I could have parked in the spot that Joline breezed into!

Karima had made the reservations, with an eye towards satisfying my appetite for the historical. I mean, our guidebooks send everyone to the High Line and Magnolia Cupcakes! As with any road trip, we were eager to exit the vehicle and stretch our legs. Truly, this town was designed for leg stretching!

Check out the angle of the street! 

BFF's forever!

Here's a panorama view of the street the guesthouse fronts on.

With my favorite little Dutch girl posing by the half door. 

As we left the town, Karima had to drive past the cafe to get out of this street.

We were not driving a Mini!

 Joline had to hop out and ask the proprietor to move the signboard, so we could squeeze past

Joline had to hop out and ask the proprietor to move the signboard, so we could squeeze past

We then drove all this way, from Dinan back up to the coast, so I could see Mt. St. Michel

Can I tell you how kind and patient my friends are? We couldn't get any closer to it than this, and this day the visibility was really poor. I bought the postcards at a shop in the town where we had lunch.

This was a monastery, and a great location for one, as at high tide it is an island, at low tide it could only be reached by crossing the mud. (Now, there is also a causeway.)